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T-FLEX CAD is a modern automatic parametric design system. The developers succeeded in organically combining 2D and 3D-functional in their creation, complementing it with a complete set of tools to which the user will use to create parametric / non-parametric drawings of individual parts and entire assemblies.

In addition, the system will be useful in the design documentation.

Benefits of T-FLEX CAD

A weighty plus of T-FLEX CAD is the ability to support not only ESKD, but also well-known standards of foreign countries.

T-FLEX CAD is a new word in computer-aided design.

The system is based on a radically new vision of CAD, which is why the development provides the possibility of designing accessible on an intuitive level. The system is suitable for any parametric models.

Individual elements of the model can be associated with such parameters and geometric relations as:

  • touch;
  • perpendicularity;
  • parallelism and so on.

Variables can be used to express drawing parameters; the user can also perform calculations using formulas or choose values from numerous options collected in databases.

T-FLEX CAD provides an attractive opportunity to simply include the developed model or drawing in the user library and create it yourself without the involvement of programmers.

The T-FLEX CAD system, which collected a huge set of tools, is the optimal choice of the user for solving the widest range of design tasks of any complexity in all industries, from furniture manufacturing to aircraft construction.

The free version of the program T-FLEX CAD is intended for non-commercial use.
You can use this version for:

  • implementation of course projects, diplomas and other educational work;
  • improving the skills of 3D-modeling and drawing in CAD;
  • familiarization with the functionality of T-FLEX CAD;
  • 3D printing; • personal creativity (hobby);
  • any other purposes not related to commercial gain.

T-FLEX CAD system requirements:

  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1;
  • Processor: Intel or AMD with SSE2 support (multi-core processor is recommended);
  • RAM: 2 GB or more recommended;
  • Video card: NVIDIA or AMD video card with 1GB memory or higher and support for OpenGL 3.3 and higher.

It is recommended to use only discrete (non-embedded) video cards. The real-time photorealistic rendering function is only available using NVIDIA video cards with support for NVIDIA CUDA technology (version 2.1 or higher. You can see the CUDA version for your video card on the official NVIDIA website: https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus ). Make sure you have the latest drivers.

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