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Light-in-Night Road

designing of outdoor (street) lighting
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Light-in-Night Road is a program oriented for outdoor lighting designers. It is certified by Russia Rosstandart. It is developed by NPSP "Svetoservis". The main purpose is the development of lighting in the streets and roads of cities and towns, as well as lighting of gas stations, parking lots, parking lots, pedestrian areas, parks, and other areas.

The Light-in-Night Road program can be downloaded for free, without registration, on many resources on the internet, it is freeware. With the application you can develop 3D - models of road lamps with such characteristics as, for example, power, type and luminosity. After work, you can print the results and arrange them as a protocol, which can be demonstrated by the presentations.


Light-in-Night Road 1


Among the capabilities of the program are:

  • Selection of road lighting schemes, for example, chess, central, one- and two-way, etc.
  • Placing lighting depending on the height, fixing type, floodlight declination, bracket orientation and more...
  • Auto detection of the distance between the pillars and lamps. A step between each pillar is defined by uniformity of illumination, brightness and light coverage.
  • UNO object classification (town square, lane, highway) and the definition of standards for it and characteristics that meet the standards of SNIP 23-05-95 federal rules.
  • Calculation of mean values for the lighting brightness, horizontal or cylindrical illumination, uniformity of light glare rating, range, illuminability of closely located buildings.
  • Working out the report, which can be represented graphically, in a table or text, depending on documentation requirements.


Light-in-Night Road 2


The program files can be downloaded and stored in .Dxf format. Besides these functions, the application Light-in-Night Road has fixed base of illuminating equipment - Galad. The program works on all operating systems Windows, has a friendly interface and small size.

You can download Light-in-Night Road for free from our website.

Installation file data
Category CAD Drawing
Title Light-in-Night Road
Version 5.0.13
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 34.8 MB
Downloads 1,444
Price Free
Updated 2014-07-18

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thanks - can i have a english version of this software ?

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hi to all
i have problem with this software language . all language is in Russia . can i change to English ??? ;)

2015-12-01 07:16

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