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Celestia, a free program for viewing the starry sky, includes both small space objects and whole galaxies. In fact, this is a home planetarium, thanks to which you can visit the most remote corners of our Universe. It is worth noting that the Celestia program is used as an educational program by NASA.

Celestia allows you to find out complete information about almost 120 thousand stars and other space objects. One click of the mouse, you can determine the distance to the object of interest, its data and temperature. When you hover the cursor on a particular planet, its geographical name is displayed. The program provides a display of the boundaries of the constellations. In outer space, you can move at any given speed, and by setting it, you will be able to see how far you have come after some time.

The functionality of the program includes the ability to create screenshots and video recordings. Celestia makes stunning videos that you and your loved ones will love. However, for reasons that are not present, not all space objects are included in the Celestia database. There are some nebulae, quasars and black holes.

Due to the fact that there is a certain lack of information about the trajectory of the movement of binary stars, they are also not all included in the program. In addition, not all stars are displayed in outer space, in particular, located at a distance greater than a few thousand light years, do not have complete descriptive information.

The graphics of the program is made at a high level, which allows you to fully immerse in the study of the expanses of the universe.

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