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			WorldWide Telescope

WorldWide Telescope is a program that allows you to make a real telescope from a personal computer. She has access to a huge amount of data that has been obtained from the largest observatories and space telescopes. Now anyone can get all the known information about our planet, the solar system, and various space objects.

By installing WorldWide Telescope the user gets the opportunity to get acquainted with the images obtained on different ranges - X-ray, infrared, ultraviolet, visible. You can monitor the position of space objects at different time intervals, zoom in and out, and perform other actions on them.

Modes in which WorldWide Telescope works

  • Sky - allows you to view the starry sky in all details through a virtual telescope;
  • Earth - given the opportunity to consider a 3D model of our planet;
  • Planets - 3D models of certain planets and satellites are presented;
  • Panoramas. Here the user can view high-quality images of objects from the solar system, which were made by self-propelled automatic devices;
  • The solar system - the objects of this system can be viewed both separately and together, with all the proportions preserved.

The program can simulate cosmic phenomena that occur at the moment or occurred thousands of years ago.
The program interface is presented in several languages, including Russian.

In order to turn on the Russian language in WorldWide Telescope, you need to enter the Settings menu (click on the small arrow), then click on the menu item "Select your language" and select the Russian language in the drop-down list. After that, close and run the program again.

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