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In order to visit the planetarium does not necessarily physically leave the apartment or house. It is enough to download Stellarium for Windows. This is a desktop virtual planetarium, with which you can not only in real time, but also in 3D to see the image of a star chart.

There is an option that allows you to see the stars in a small approximation. Programs suitable for students who have awakened interest in astronomy. It will also be useful to anyone interested in space and astromonomy. The program interface is simple and intuitive.

Thanks to Stellarium, you can watch more than 120 thousand stars and planets. And all of them are in the Hipparcos directory. Also, you can monitor space objects in the Messier catalog. Thanks to the application it is possible to generate the location of stars, which can be seen from any point on Earth. In addition, there is a time management function. Stellarium allows you to get a full visualization of the zodiacal light, and the names of the planets take into account the cultures of different nations.

In the latest versions, the Stellarium GUI has undergone some changes. Now the details of the landscape are spelled out in more detail, and the script engine itself has been significantly changed.

All the existing plugins included in the program have undergone a big change, some of which have been radically altered. If you are a lover of astronomy with experience, then you have a number of new parameters in the program configuration.

Stellarium is a fascinating journey into the world of stars and planets, which will appeal not only to astronomy lovers, but also to all family members, including children.

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