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Three-dimensional model map of the planet Earth and space from Google
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			Google Earth

The free program Google Earth (Planet Earth) - allows you to create a detailed three-dimensional image of our planet based on geographical maps, terrain plans, 3D models of various structures and photographs obtained from the satellite. In fact, this program combines the power of Google search service with a global geographic database.

Google Earth features:

  • Google Earth is completely free;
  • Since Google Earth is a client part, it receives all data from the Internet, the obtained information can be saved by the user to a hard disk if necessary;
  • the program has a powerful search engine, with which you can find almost any address;
  • An interactive three-dimensional model built by the program can display not only the terrain relief, but also famous buildings and structures.


  • Program configuration, as well as the search result, can be easily saved. A link to the area you are interested in can be sent to friends with one click of a button;
  • the program has a friendly, intuitive interface, thanks to which you can master it in a few minutes, the whole tool is at hand, and at the same time does not interfere with viewing the image;
  • With the help of Google Sky technology, you can view the starry sky, visible from a certain geographic point;
  • the program will allow the user to explore the sea or ocean floor on the three-dimensional map constructed by it.

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