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			Adblock Plus for Google Chrome

Browser extension Adblock Plus for Chrome is used to control and block ads while surfing the Internet. The program is designed for easy navigation through the pages without opening or playing ad units and videos. Suitable for use in social networks, on Youtube video channels, in online stores and on other sites.

Adblock Plus Features

The extension allows the user to limit the download of certain items on any page. The list of prohibited items can be entered permanently or excluded only on the selected website. Individual resources can be included in the list of allowed, allowing you to view ads only on them.

Adblock Plus Lockdown covers the following items:

  • pop-up clips;
  • Transitions to advertising pages or websites of online stores;
  • opening banners, text blocks;
  • pop-ups or forms with promotional offers.

Additionally, the extension warns the user about switching to a potentially dangerous site. In the filter settings, you can turn off the display of buttons for social media (networks, magazines, channels). Allows you to prevent the connection with spyware.

Adblock Plus Features

Each user can access the code and explore the features of the page, its objects. If you have problems with blocking elements, you can send a message to the developers about the incorrect functioning of the extension.

Attention! Adblock Plus gets access to personal data and user history. The information is used to expand offers and filters for blocking.

Transmission of personal information is not performed. The user can add additional blocking filters from third-party sites.

The program is designed to work with Windows. Activated and configured in Google Chrome browser extensions. Data on the application can be placed on the toolbar, as well as for ease of use in the right-click menu.

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Adblock Plus for Google Chrome for Windows PC

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