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			Adguard for Yandex Browser

Adguard for Yandex Browser is an extension that helps get rid of annoying banners and advertisements during daily web surfing. The app is somewhat similar to the popular Adblock.

Adguard features

  • Blocks all types of advertising: from video to pop-up windows and banners.
  • Constant filtering html-code. This allows you to cut ads before the browser got the page. It saves your traffic and speeds up the opening of sites.
  • It serves as a reliable shield against the installation of all kinds of spyware. Also, it does not allow to install advertising applications without permission.
  • Fights illegal surveillance on the Internet. Helps protect your personal data.
  • Blocks access to malicious or fraudulent sites. Checking is carried out on a special black list, which is updated daily. The size of the existing database - more than 1.5 million sites.
  • You can enable advertising filtering in popular applications such as Skype or uTorrent .
  • Optionally removes widgets in social networks (buttons "I like", "Class!" And others).
  • Automatic connection of regional advertising filters.
  • The extension is suitable not only for the browser from Yandex , but also for Firefox , Chrome , Internet Explorer .

Adguard is easy to configure and install. To do this, just go to the browser submenu "add-ons". With this service, you can check the reputation of any suspicious site with a few clicks. If necessary, set up a white list of sites where advertising will not be blocked.

For its work, Adguard requires a minimum amount of memory - about 30 MB. For comparison, Adblock consumes slightly more than 80 MB. The application has open source and zero price.

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