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			uBlock Origin for Google Chrome

uBlock Origin for Google Chrome is an excellent blocker of annoying online advertising that works with Google Chrome browser . It acts as an alternative to promoted extensions (for example, Ad Block), but unlike them consumes the minimum amount of system resources with a large number of running filters. At the same time, the utility is absolutely not inferior in functionality and efficiency: filters from third-party developers are supported, you can block individual elements on the page, you can create a “white list” for certain sites and much more.

The developers have stated that, unlike alternative applications, they do not take money from advertisers for adding their advertisements to the list of exceptions, and are not going to do this in the future. During the test, the program showed itself only on the positive side: all intrusive banners were blocked, and the performance of the computer and the Chrome browser itself remained at the same level.

Filters in uBlock Origin

An application can not only block ads, but also read and create filters from host files. In the standard package, the following filters are delivered and immediately activated:

  • malicious domains;
  • EasyList;
  • EasyPrivacy;
  • list of ad servers Peter Lowe.

From additional filters to choose from in the uBlock Origin available:

  • Spam 404;
  • hpHosts server;
  • Dan Pollock's host file;
  • fan tracking list;
  • other.

It is always worth remembering that the more filters are used, the more resources will be required for the correct operation of the program. But what is remarkable, after the activation of three additional filters, uBlock will take much less resources than similar applications. Note that some lists may break the website, especially those created from host files.

Without standard filters, in fact, this application is nothing, so if you want to contribute to the application, it would not hurt to thank the people who are actively engaged in supporting filters provided to you for free.

Install uBlock Origin

The extension is installed in standard mode, which is to install Google Chrome web browser extensions. After installation, the application icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of the browser on the taskbar. By clicking the left mouse button, you can view the number of blocked ads. Right-clicking will allow you to go to the settings menu, where you can view the list of installed filters, create a “black list” for sites where ads will not be blocked, and customize other options.

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