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			Adblock Plus for FireFox

Adblock Plus is a useful extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser that blocks the loading and display of certain page objects: annoying (obscene) banners, pop-up windows, ad units of contextual networks, and other elements that make it difficult to view the site.

The utility provides the user with comfort and convenience while browsing the web, because it removes (blocks) ad units and even blocks access to malicious domains. The plugin supports the import of filter lists that automatically block unwanted blocks. The extension allows you to customize your own rules for processing Flash movies, Java applets and graphics.

Adblock Plus for FireFox features:

  • daily backup filter in automatic mode;
  • feature disable subscriptions and filters;
  • counter of certain filter actuations;
  • changeable list of blocked items;
  • adding filters with rules for blocking page elements;
  • the ability to hide non-blocking items.

To create or enable a filter, you need to call the context menu above the loaded banner and click the “Adblock” item. The next time you load or refresh the page, this banner will not be displayed. Added filters can be edited, deleted and customized. You can download filters from third-party sites. / P>

The program is easy to use and very useful for frequent work on the web. It is useful to both an experienced Internet surfer and the average user.

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