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Adguard is a multifunctional program for blocking unwanted ads and pop-up windows in most browsers . Its advantageous feature is that it is an independent application and does an excellent job in any browser, and not only - the program can block unwanted ads in applications like Skype , as well as torrent clients .

Adguard Features

The Adguard Internet filter is added to the webpage you are viewing and allows you to stop or resume the display of an interfering banner with two mouse clicks. Many users will like the ability of this program to work in social networks, as it has functions for disabling unwanted widgets and blocking follow-up programs and counters.

The application collects information about dangerous sites in its own database with regular updates. Adguard real-time filters incoming traffic, monitors computer security and blocks the launch of malicious sites.

Adguard structure

Adguard ad blocker has a modular structure. Each of the modules has a separate purpose:

  • Antibanner - the main module of the program, blocks banners, ads, unwanted pop-ups on web pages;
  • Anti-phishing - protects against threats on the Internet and phishing sites;
  • Parental control - blocks sites with 18+ content or any other unwanted information.

The program is installed in automatic mode, without requiring additional configuration can work in the background. However, it has excellent performance and in no way limits the speed of the Internet connection. This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a simple and effective means of protection when working on the Internet.

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