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Orbit Downloader is a fairly young program - file download manager. This program loads multiple files using multithreading downloading mode. It is easily integrated into modern and popular browsers. We present the latest version of the free Orbit Downloader program. It has the ability to upload files even from file-sharing services. On our website any visitor can download Orbit Downloader.

The developers of the program made ​​it possible to store streaming data and flash movies to your hard drive. The program has a very user friendly interface.
Orbit Downloader can download files, using a large number of protocols. The program can view different files even before the download is complete. Orbit Downloader has the ability to automatically download (on schedule) the files which the user needs.

Features and benefits of Orbit Downloader:

  • capture function of different streaming video and Flash-animation;
  • the ability to download files from a wide variety of services, Rapidshare and Youtube;
  • Metalink technology;
  • the option of integration with a lot of web-browsers;
  • function of extreme download acceleration;
  • full control of all downloaded files.

You can download Orbit Downloader for free and within a few minutes from our website and enjoy all the features of this program.

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