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The popular Transmission torrent client is free software, originally created to install and work on computers running Linux (including Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian GNU / Linux, Rosa Linux and Linux Mint). If you are using Ubuntu, the program is installed in the system as a default torrent client. Transmission also works successfully on the Mac OS. On the Transmission website, you can find versions of clients developed for Android, Symbian, and iOS. Since the client is also available for Windows, we can talk about universality, that is, cross-platform programs.

Transmission Functions

Easy and fast torrent client allows you to download any content available on torrent trackers: music, movies, TV shows, software, games, instructions, books and audiobooks, OS and other files in the formats provided by the author - who downloaded the content on torrent tracker.

How to install Transmission?

Before downloading the program, select the version of Transmission available for your operating system: Linux, Mac or Windows. After downloading the program, unpack it and follow the prompts "Installer".

Program warnings

When you first start the program warns that the work Transmission torrent client is built on the exchange of information. By downloading files from the Internet, you automatically help in distributing the same information to other Transmission users. You must enable the client in Firewall.

Transmission Benefits

  • available in Russian;
  • easy to use - the interface allows you to quickly understand the functions of the torrent program, even to a person who first encounters the work of such software;
  • "Eats" extremely system resources;
  • available on 64-bit systems;
  • shows file download speed;
  • the user can limit the download and distribution speed of the file at his discretion;
  • after the download is complete, Transmission continues to participate in the distribution of previously downloaded content;
  • if you do not want to take part in the distribution, stop the process or simply exit the program;
  • convenient settings allow the user to “get” links from certain directories and add them to Transmission for further file download;
  • by setting up the program, you can achieve the highest possible speed of downloading files;
  • the user himself selects the download folder of torrent files and downloaded content.

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