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eMule is a popular network client designed for exchanging ED2K files. In other words, this utility is a PC file download manager for users of the world wide web who also have the eMule program installed.

EMule overview

eMule was developed on May 13, 2002 by a team of programmers who want to find a worthy alternative to the original client of the popular eDokney2000 network for Windows. The challenge was to create a download manager with advanced features and an attractive interface. The eMule client instantly became popular, displacing all competitors for ED2K from the market for similar software. Based on it, numerous modifications have been created, including cross-platform mods.

The key difference between the program and other P2P clients is open source. This feature saves the user from intrusive advertising and the risk of getting malware on the computer.

13 reasons for the popularity of eMule

Advantages and opportunities of the client

  1. eMule uses several networks to create one reliable - ED2K, Source Exchange, Kad. The latter is in the testing stage, being suitable only for use in version 0.42.
  2. The program is based on the queue and credit system, which allows users to increase the speed of receiving files.
  3. The client is absolutely free, it does not contain advertising "garbage", for example, Adware or Spyware. The developers did not create the client for earnings, but to optimize their own work in the eDonkey2000 network.
  4. All files are checked for errors during the download to avoid incorrect file sharing.
  5. Thanks to smart error control, you can quickly repair corrupted file data.
  6. The eMule download manager is equipped with a source manager and a number of automatic settings. These options allow you to download multiple files at the same time, without worrying about the status of the client.
  7. With the help of the "Preview" function, you can examine the quality of an unedited file or archive (unpacked by any archiver ). To preview video files, the client should be supplemented with the Video Lan Client program.
  8. The program has a web service and server, making it possible to manage eMule using an Internet connection and a mobile phone. In the latter case, the device must support the Java language.
  9. All downloads can be sorted by self-created categories.
  10. The client is equipped with a set of tools for efficient file search: - global or local search on the server; -search in www; -search Kad in alpha;
  11. If necessary, the client allows you to apply the model of a complex Boolean search, reducing the percentage of inappropriate output.
  12. The program includes a system of inter-client interaction in the form of text messages. You can also add users to your friends list.
  13. The eMule download manager is synchronized with an IRC client that allows you to communicate with people from all over the world.

Fresh versions of the program appear on the official website at intervals of 1-3 weeks.

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