DC++ 0.867

File sharing application for Direct Connect networks
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DC ++ is a popular and reliable client for file exchange in Direct Connect networks.

Unlike most competitors, the program contains a full set of necessary functions. Data can be downloaded from multiple sources. Hashing is also supported.

The utility is multilingual. The distribution includes more than 50 language packs. It also contains a GeoIP database to determine where users live by IP.

The program is licensed under the GNU GPL 2, which means that the utility is completely free and has open source.

DC ++ Benefits

  • you can connect to more than one hub at the same time;
  • complete absence of malicious spyware;
  • the distribution does not contain anything extra;
  • add bookmarks for individual users or hubs;
  • hashing support (the algorithm used is Tiger Tree Hash);
  • convenient file search by type, name or size;
  • built-in support for Magnet links;
  • the ability to resume from alternative sources;
  • rich options for setting downloads;
  • segmented loading;
  • ability to exchange files using various protocols (ADC, NMDC);
  • the presence of built-in functional chat;
  • no need to add hubs manually;
  • work stability;
  • the ability to download old files that are no longer found in torrent networks;
  • multilingual interface.

DC ++ is compatible with all versions of Windows. The program works on a simple principle. To download files, just connect to the hub (network server). All necessary information is from other network users. If you wish, you can also open access to your files - to do this, in the program settings you need to share the necessary folders on your computer. It was DC ++ based that other DC network clients were written.

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