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FREE MyChat is a unique messaging software for local and corporate networks. The program is special in that its full operation does not require access to the Internet.

The purpose of the application is business correspondence between colleagues within the team. There is a built-in ability to send files to colleagues, which works even if they are not connected to the network. You can communicate with employees through personal messages, an electronic bulletin board is available for use, which is also very convenient and makes the program even more useful. In addition, folders and files can be sent in any size.

The program interface is bright and clear, despite the fact that FREE MyChat is designed for business correspondence. We can safely say that this is corporate software: users can use avatars and emoticons, you can also change the subject of the chat, insert images into the text, format the text or separate parts of it. The user account contains not only the full name, but also the post held, phone numbers and addresses published by the employee for public viewing.

In addition, FREE MyChat users can save the chat history, each user has his own space, which can be used to store files. All users also have free space, and it is intended for the publication of documents in open access. The program is equipped with a filter against flood, there is the possibility of blocking obscene language in the chat window, ignore lists are available.


  1. files / folders can be sent in unlimited size;
  2. sending files offline to users;
  3. rich personalization settings;
  4. simple and intuitive for the beginner program interface;
  5. integration with the client-bank and 1C systems;
  6. file storages: general and personal;
  7. integration with Active Directory;
  8. built-in multi-threaded file server that uses the FTP protocol.

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