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Trillian is a universal Internet pager (instant messenger), which differs from other instant messengers in that it exists in two versions: a paid modification, so-called, Pro and Base - an incomplete free.

In the incomplete version there is no function of using plugins, and other restrictions also apply. How strongly justified the desire of creators to get money for this product can be understood by ourselves.

Immediately after setting up the program, a colorful, or even too outlandish, client appears before the user.

The creators did not spare the money and time to develop a new, but at the same time extremely convenient program interface. It is likely that they expected to get the public, shocking it, because it will push people to purchase the program. Well, it must be admitted, they almost succeeded. But anyway, for this program to pay $ 25 is unlikely to become a lot of users.

Trillian Features:

Trillian acquired its name from the character of a very famous series of books by D. Adams “A Guide for Hitchhikers in the Galaxy”, girls Tricia Maximilian. And like any graceful girl, the client provides aesthetic pleasure with their appearance. By the way, during the launch of the program, the choice of language is not shown, as a result of this the user will be alone with the English interface. Yes, most of us are able to understand the menu and change the language to Russian, but the lack of the possibility of choosing this option during installation is a significant disadvantage.

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