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WhatsApp is the most frequently downloaded (more than one billion downloads!) Messenger program for exchanging messages and files on the network. The main advantage of WhatsApp is its mobility. The messenger works on the Android, Windows Phone, iOS platforms. Users of Symbian and old Nokia can also use all the features of the program.

Now there is WhatsApp for computers that works with all Windows and macOS. Recently, WhatsApp developers have strengthened the protection of user messages and their personal data, making them inaccessible to third parties.

How to install WhatsApp on computer and mobile devices

If your mobile device meets the requirements of the messenger, you can install WhatsApp for Android and iOS just like any other application. Users who decide to use WhatsApp for the computer, after the first start, will have to confirm their ownership of the mobile device. You will be sent an SMS with a code (password). Following the instructions, you will need to confirm the password sent to you in the desktop version of WhatsApp.

How to find friends using whatsapp

The installed WhatsApp application will necessarily reflect the list of your acquaintances who are also using the program. To add them to your messenger, update your contact list and invite your friends to chat, using the already installed Facebook , Skype , etc.) or send them an invitation via SMS or email. In the application are available all the options that you can use for this.

How to use WhatsApp

WhatsApp has the simplest appearance, which simplifies the use of the program even by a person unfamiliar with messengers. Top right are the settings of the messenger. This is your account, where you can change the phone number, check the privacy settings and security messages.

There is a possibility:

  • hide from all the photos of your profile, originally selected when you first start the program;
  • change the status of "online" for all to hidden;
  • block unwanted contacts.

When setting up chat options, you can change the font size to a larger one. Use this option if you have vision problems.

WhatsApp Advanced Features

  • set wallpaper as desired or default;
  • backup important chat data;
  • setting notification sounds, pop-up messages;
  • vibrations with a new message.

Use the appropriate links on this page to download the messenger for Windows computers and macOS, or Android and iOS mobile platforms. In addition, there is WhatsApp online , which works in any modern browser .

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