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SeaMonkey is an interesting name of a new project, the development of which has been and continues taking into account the good traditions of Mozilla Suite. Browser from Mozilla, which became classics, has a long history, over the years of which "fire fox" found a large number of loyal fans. If you like Mozilla traditions, you should download SeaMonkey from our website.

SeaMonkey is a program that is a freeware and is designed to work on the Internet. Development is coordinated by "Council SeaMonkey┬╗, which is also pretty funny (Seamonkey Council demerged from Mozilla Foundation to develop the product in question, which is the successor of Mozilla Suite). Mozilla Suite over the years won a reputation as a trusted time-tested product, is based on the verified code that provides tremendous stability. A solid foundation has been complemented with lots of features familiar to users of the "fire fox" and Mozilla Thunderbird. SeaMonkey consists of several components, the entire SeaMonkey set can be downloaded free from this site using link to download.


  1. Navigator. Support for "tabbed" viewing, pop-up blocking, downloading of images controlled by built-in tools, search starts as you type a search query.
  2. Mail and News. Advertising can be detected by special means, variable window layout, the ability to work with several accounts simultaneously, the ability to create letters in HTML format.
  3. Joiner. Create your own HTML-pages, positioned layers and CSS are supported.
  4. Address Book. Save not only e-mail addresses, but also a variety of information about their owners.
  5. Chat service on IRC. Chat available for online communication surrounded by IRC.

SeaMonkey features:

  • An integrated set consumes fewer system resources than all components separately;
  • Compared to Firefox and Thunderbird together, SeaMonkey settings are much richer;
  • To achieve maximum comfort while working, SeaMonkey requires a much smaller number of extensions which has a favorable effect on stability;
  • A small number of errors in code;
  • SeaMonkey is faster and easier to configure than setting up stand-alone applications, as many of the settings relate to several components.

If you are not an experienced Internet user, but you are familiar with the rich history of Mozilla Suite, you should download SeaMonkey from our website right now.

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Monday, 30 August 2021
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SeaMonkey for Windows PC

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0 John
I like interface of this browser! Also it is fast and useful, if you prefer use many options of webpages.

2015-12-17 18:11

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0 Adolf
Nice browser with easy setting programming. Usually I can very fast change all characteristics in settings.

2015-11-19 18:52

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