RaidCall 8.2.0

Program for voice communication within the network
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RaidCall is a free program that allows voice communication with minimal time delay for professional network gamers.
This application can also be used for group communication in games that require teamwork.

The program provides high-quality sound with the minimum time delay, avoiding the need to install a separate server or rent it.
You can download RaidCall for free from our website right now.

The main advantages of this program include:

  • audio service of the application based on Cloud-computing system;
  • thanks to the integration of the interface that was created using Flash technology, you can easily implement chat and watch videos, not leaving the game;
  • there is an opportunity to make new friends in the RaidCall network;
  • the program is created on the basis of powerful and popular Speex audio engine, which allows to reduce the amount of noise to the maximum level, thus increasing the audio sound quality;
  • using UDP as the communication protocol, allows to greatly reduce the delay signal;
  • using advanced algorithms to recover packets, the RaidCall program allows team players to communicate with greater accuracy and efficiency;
  • the application is running at a high speed and doesn't require large amounts of resources which allows you not to be distracted from the game process;
  • for better management of your team or guild, in the RaidCall program there are additional options for privacy settings, as well as a system for assigning different powers of the participants.

You can download RaidCall for free from our website.

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