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Presented on our website, free software update, messenger Pidgin, formerly known as Gaim, is a modular client that allows to organize instant messaging. Organized support for the most popular protocols. Distributed under the terms of the license GNU GPL, which means that Pidgin download absolutely free.

Features of the program:

  • the opportunity to work with several accounts, wherefore there is no need to constantly switch between the clients with different interface and functionality;
  • adding comments to the users in your contacts list, and saving them;
  • the possibility of combining multiple contacts in one metacontact;
  • cross-platform (runs on multiple operating systems);
  • translated into many languages (83).

We would like to bring to your attention the new version of Pidgin client which can please boast good functionality for comfortable communication:

  • bold or italic in text messages (simple font formatting available);
  • Autoadd of new tabs in the current window, which saves screen space;
  • unlimited number of tabs that can be added to the chat window (if there are a lot of them, then it is possible to scroll);
  • formation of various tabs from contact lists (eg, you can chat with users of Google Talk and MSN in different tabs of the same window);
  • You can find out what versions of the messenger the interlocutors use, as well as whether they support filesharing;
  • it is possible to distinguish lockout from offline.

Thus, it is easy to start communicating with several friends enjoying various messengers, if you download the free Pidgin application and add all your contacts there.

If you download the Pidgin client now, you will get support for the following protocols:

  • XMPP (LJ Talk, Google Talk, Gizmo5, ...);
  • Bonjour iChat;
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC);
  • Gadu-Gadu;
  • ICQ;
  • NET Messenger Service (MSN);
  • OpenNAP;
  • Novell GroupWise;
  • OSCAR (AIM / ICQ);
  • Agent (plugin required);
  • Yahoo! Messenger;
  • SILC;
  • Lotus Sametime;
  • Zephyr (requires 2.0.0 beta4 version and above);
  • MySpaceIM;
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) (need 2.2.0 version or above).

In order to get all these features, it is enough now to download Pidgin for free from our website.

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