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The free program TeamSpeak is intended for negotiations between several people in a conference mode, by means of the VoIP technology. The program can be especially useful for people who are fond of team-based online games, since the convenience of TeamSpeak in this case is indisputable. In order for other conference participants to hear you, it is enough to activate the microphone and speak. The microphone can be activated either by voice, or by mouse button or keyboard (push to talk).

Thus, after spending a few minutes of installing the program, you can get a powerful communication tool that is suitable not only for online players, but also for everyone who may need to coordinate the actions of a group of people on a given occasion.

In the program, each user can set himself statuses that provide for the shutdown, reception, or transmission of sound. There is also a status that indicates that the participant is not on the spot. The program does not require high performance from the device on which it is used, so it is suitable for almost all PCs. This is another reason to be interested in TeamSpeak.

You can preset a password to the conversation channel so that other TeamSpeak users cannot connect to your conversation. The conversation itself takes place in real time, the participants can talk at the same time. For the convenience of communication in this format, there is a function of blocking sound from one or several participants. When activated, you personally will not hear what they say. It can be turned on and off at any time.

Features and features of TeamSpeak:

  • clear, simple interface;
  • black list of users;
  • the possibility of expanding plugins;
  • various themes;
  • recording conversations in the audio file;
  • chat correspondence;
  • the ability to select a server;
  • supported statuses and avatars;
  • Russian language (set using the localization tool);
  • bookmark manager.

List of files in the TEAMSPEAK archive

  • TeamSpeak client part for x64
  • TeamSpeak client part for x86
  • TeamSpeak server part for x64
  • TeamSpeak server part for x64
  • Russifier TeamSpeak 3 (MyTeamSpeak)
  • Russifier TeamSpeak 3 (Taktik)

To unpack the archive, download any free ZIP archiver .

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