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On the Internet you can find a large variety of software designed to connect and listen to online radio stations. However, the program doesn't often deprive of one unpleasant drawback which is integrated advertising, and quite aggressive one. Maxuden Radio is an example of a pleasant outstanding software with a basic set of stations available for listening immediately after installation. It's not a problem to download Maxuden Radio free using our site, and if you don't find anything for yourself in the basic set, then you can add new stations in the form of URL in the program.

Maxuden Radio is characterized by simplicity and ease of use to listen to streaming audio on your home PC. The program displays information about the artist or song Author of the electronic track, there is functional to surf the web, the function of radio recording and much more. There is a wide number of available radio stations in the program, there are such popular ones as the Voice of Russia, NRG, Humor FM and others. On top of everything else, Maxuden Radio can make up lists of music stations according to musical form, it is easy to add new links to audio streams in the program, create the lists of those which you liked the most. One of the advantages of the application is recording broadcast in the popular and openable mp3 format. The recording can be broken down into separate files. Maxuden Radio can work in the background making it almost invisible to the user, while consuming a minimum of hardware resources. You can easily download Maxuden Radio free from our website.

Briefly about main advantages:

  • Search by radio stations playlist is very fast;
  • Developers own playlists and popular ones supported;
  • You can add and edit radio stations;
  • A web search on the basis of information about the author of the track;
  • Low hardware requirements;
  • Complete absence of advertising.

Now we list the main innovations introduced in 4.0 version:

  • The new code written from scratch;
  • No pitfalls of previous versions;
  • New engine for skins;
  • Window can be compactly represented in a close-knit form or the library style;
  • The bug that occurs during switching stations was fixed;
  • You can edit the list of search engines;
  • More connection settings added;
  • Broadcast can now be recorded in the OGG Vorbis format;
  • The program is integrated with the Windows 7 taskbar, 8.

If you want to evaluate new opportunities of the radically updated program, we recommend you to download Maxuden Radio free from our site right now.

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