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Convenient player and manager of radio stations and TV channels
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RadioClicker is a quality manager of radio stations and TV channels. It has low requirements and works on almost any computer. With it, you can view the desired program online.

The list of available resources is impressive - this includes more than a hundred titles that broadcast in different languages. It's easy to find everything: sports, entertainment, non-fiction materials.

RadioClicker can record all the listened music to the sound (wav, mp3) file. She can automatically put the name and artist of the composition.

Advantages of RadioClicker:

  • RadioClicker contains only quality stations;
  • free download RadioClicker - means to get the opportunity to record your favorite works on the fly;
  • no advertising, unnecessary toolbars;
  • ergonomic interface;
  • The utility does not collect user information.

RadioClicker Known Issues:

  1. The program refuses to start, displaying the message "access denied" in the information window. This is a problem with your antivirus. Add RadioClicker to the trusted zone.
  2. You have witnessed the message "the station is not responding." It is worth looking at your firewall. Make sure that he does not interfere with the program.
  3. "Freeze" audio or video. The most common reason is the lack of internet connection speed. You can try to change the "playback buffer". Or restart the running stations.

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RadioClicker for Windows PC

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0 Jacky
Awesome player! :D
Now I can play super games right in Google Chrome!!!
Thanks bro!!!

2016-01-25 20:55

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0 hunter
this is going to be the best day of the day man

2018-09-07 17:57

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