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However much you like your favorite tune, sooner or later it will start annoying you. And to listen to all tunes of your favorite music genre will take years or even decades, given the fact that the repertoire is constantly updated with new songs.

YourFlavor Radio is a unique streaming radio which lets you listen to not just a single singer and similar compositions from the musical genre. You only have to specify what kind of music you like and the program will do the rest. You can familiarize yourself with new and most popular songs of popular performing artists of your favorite genre right now, it is sufficient to simply download YourFlavor Radio free.

Main program features:

  • Making a playlist based on a particular song, artist or genre of music.
  • A unique playlist, which includes both modern and most popular songs of the past years.
  • Innovative approach to making your personal playlist, based on 450 parameters.
  • Music is played according to your preferences.
  • The ability to increase the diversity by adding of several performers.
  • When setting detailed tips are provided, sometimes it's just enough to follow them.
  • The ability to skip tracks you don't like.
  • All music you listened to, is stored in history which allows you to repeat playback of the most favorite.
  • When playing a summary of the artist and a list of similar compositions, which are not on the playlist, is available. If desired, you can switch to this list.
  • Stable full-time broadcasting.

Enjoy your favorite music with YourFlavor Radio, it can be downloaded absolutely free from our website right now.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018
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YourFlavor Radio for Windows PC

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Long start, confusing navigation it takes too long for the app to start - it checks network connection. Sometimes I launch the app to listen my recorded programs hence network is not needed and very long start is annoying.

2015-09-21 14:27

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