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KLBPleer is a player for listening to audio files as well as radio stations. This application operates using bass.dll free library, thanks to which the application can be connected to audio devices, as well as play audio files and record the streaming from the Internet.

This player also incorporates an arsenal of additional interesting features, namely:

  • switching the station, if it is in non-serviceable condition, the player allows searching for a working station;
  • it is possible to view the names of previously played tracks, but only if the station supports this function;
  • there is a possibility of simultaneous playback of separate streams, both for the radio and the player;
  • it is possible to separately adjust the volume of the player and the radio;
  • the player enables rapid change of the volume level, for example, by pressing "Space" once, the volume will increase by 50 %, the second press – by 100% and pressing “Esc”, the sound level will be 0%.
  • It is possible to count the total level of all traffic, as well as the total listening time to all stations;
  • The player allows you to reject advertising phrases which already entered into a text file garbage.txt, which appear in the "Track Name" line and are transmitted by the station;
  • useful function is also that the player automatically mutes the sound at several stations during ads, which is done through the broadcaster tags. To enable this feature in the player, you need to put a checkmark in the AdsCut;
  • KLBPleer also allows you to adjust the size of the network buffer which doesn't allow it to reboot;
  • You can control the player using the media keys on the keyboard;
  • You can mute only the player with the button on the Media keyboard.

You can download KLBPleer for free from our website.

KLBPleer player has the following features:

  • it is possible to perform random play in two ways;
  • the player allows you to repeat the current track, reading it from RAM PC;
  • it is possible to repeat multiple tracks as from disk, so from PC RAM;
  • the player allows you to repeat parts of the track between AB points;
  • it is possible to repeat the entire list.

You can download KLBPleer for free from our website right now.

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KLBPleer for Windows PC

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+1 Andrew
For me it is a very comfortable player, because I can listen not just my favorite music, but also radio stations too.

2016-02-13 18:14

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