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RadioSure is an easy-to-install, very reliable and simple player that allows you to listen to the radio via the Internet, which has a convenient interface with a very large base of radio stations.

At the moment, the base of the player is more than 20 thousand radio stations, of which a large number in Russian. All radio stations are recorded as a table that contains information about the quality of the broadcast. The list is grouped by genre and country, broadcast language is mentioned.

By clicking on the category name, you can sort the table, for example, by country or style.
All radio stations are divided into genres:

  • 70s / 80s / 90s;
  • pops;
  • dance
  • rap;
  • hip-hop;
  • R & B;
  • rock (it is divided into subcategories: heavy, classic, gothic, alternative);
  • electronic music (divided into subcategories: trance, techno, Lounge, House, Dram & Bass);
  • blues;
  • hit radio;
  • Latin
  • jazz;
  • classic;
  • children’s
  • Christian
  • folklore.

Advantages of RadioSure:

  • can recognize and show song titles;
  • accepts Internet radio of various formats: mp3, ogg vorbis, wma, aac +;
  • quickly find your favorite radio stations for you;
  • switch stations smoothly and conveniently using the crossfade effect;
  • will record the air on the disc, dividing the recordings by track;
  • can simultaneously record several radio stations (free version records two radio stations);
  • the program, as well as the base of radio stations are updated automatically;
  • the player fully supports UNICODE - this displays all your local stations and searches for them;
  • RadioSure is easy to set up and has a recording function.
  • economical use of traffic.

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