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Betternet is the “client” part of the standalone VPN version for Windows. Allows you to browse the web resources despite the regional prohibitions and blocking access by providers. Able to hide the real IP address of the user's PC.

Transmits data through secure information “tunnels” in an encrypted form, which prevents the possibility of quickly obtaining unauthorized access to the information downloaded and transmitted to the network. Equipped with intelligent algorithms for determining the optimal IP-address and the automatic function of changing the fictitious location.

Betternet functionality

  • Creates virtual information "tunnels" between the "client" and "server" parts of the program;
  • Encrypts outgoing traffic and decrypts incoming data packets;
  • Replaces the real IP with a fictitious one, “cuts off” the de-animization requests “outside” the “client” part of the program, thereby making it impossible to calculate the real IP and the user's location;
  • Automatically changes the fictitious location if the regional policy of the web resource does not allow viewing the page;
  • It analyzes the user's “need” for real-time traffic, and “redistributes” the computing power of the server part in accordance with the needs of the connected users;
  • Initiates data transfer through a special “tunnel” optimized for downloading a streaming video sequence when the “Watch video & connect” mode is activated.

Utility features

  • Decentralized "server" part, preventing the possibility of physical access to user information;
  • Automatic detection and "clipping" of de-anonymization requests on the "peripheral" part of the system;
  • Ability to view sites regardless of their regional policy and prohibitions of the network provider used;
  • Hiding the real IP address of the user;
  • Reliable cryptographic data encryption algorithms;
  • Automated system for determining the optimal location and the necessary "speed" of the Internet;
  • The presence of a special mode for viewing streaming online video;
  • Relatively high data transfer rate.


  • The range of fictitious "locations" is limited to several countries in western Europe;
  • Some web resources “can” determine the presence of a VPN connection — access to them will be impossible;
  • With peak network traffic, a noticeable “subsidence” of the data transfer rate is possible.

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