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Browsec VPN is a browser-based extension for Windows that encrypts traffic that replaces an IP address and allows access to web resources regardless of their “regional policy” and prohibitions of the network provider. It interacts with a decentralized "cloud" network, which excludes the possibility of prompt interception of user traffic.

Allows the user to choose the "fake" location from the list of available. It is integrated directly into the browser and launched from its interface. Detects de-animization requests and prevents their processing on the side of the "client" machine. It supports both standalone and portable versions of browsers.

Browsec VPN functionality

  • Integrates into the browser and "complements" its interface with its own controls;
  • Creates a “tunnelized” communication channel in a “cloud” network with an “end point” in the selected country, replacing the real IP address with a fictitious one;
  • Encrypts outgoing traffic and decrypts incoming data packets;
  • Analyzes “information packages”, determines “de-animization” requests and prevents their processing on the side of the “client” machine;
  • Saves settings and presets before closing the browser, initiates their use at startup;
  • Automatically replaces the "fictitious" location, in case of significant "subsidence" of the speed of the Internet connection.

VPN Features

  • No installation is required in the system - the extension is integrated directly into the browser;
  • Complicated cryptographic traffic encryption algorithms;
  • The use of a decentralized “cloud” network, which is synchronized with the “closed” information “tunnels”, makes it impossible to quickly intercept traffic;
  • Ability to integrate and use in "portable" versions of browsers;
  • Relatively high degree of anonymity;
  • The presence of an automated system for the selection of the optimal location at a "drop in speed."


  • Other browser extensions may negatively affect the security of user data;
  • Absolute anonymity is not guaranteed;
  • Some websites may be unavailable (“cured” by changing “fictitious location”).

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