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Hamachi is a specialized software, using which you can create your own segment of multiple computers with virtually all the features a traditional LAN. With Hamachi you can easily build your VPN. Download Hamachi free at any time. Almost any program that supports LAN connection, with the same success can work in networks Which are based on Hamachi.

Hamachi allows you to protect data, transmitted from computer to computer, using peer to peer technology. To be more precise, the program creates a mesh net over UDP, which means that to connect two different client machines, another one is used, and not necessarily server. This third machineis only required to establish and maintain connections while data packets between two clients are bypassing the third computer. Such technology is not afraid of different obstacles like firewalls or NAT.

Most often, Hamachi is used by people playing online games, for which most of the servers on the Internet are not working. Hamachi can also be useful if your IP address is dynamic, and it creates some problems in your online connections.

There are two versions of the program, you can download Hamachi free, of course, while there are some restrictions on use. For example, the number of client computers, it may not be more than five. When you purchase a license, restriction on the number of client machines eliminated, there are additional opportunities for connection management.

You can download Hamachi free from our website, and build your own subnet within the global Internet.

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Hamachi for Windows PC

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-1 Ryan
Hamachii is amazing because even my slow internet didn't have any lag. i didn't have any lag whatsoever.

2015-12-28 19:01

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-1 Bruce
So, program is very easy for installation, the networks are stable. The best program for running a Minecraft server because it no need to port forward.

2014-12-15 14:47

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