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Hide.me VPN is the “client” distribution of the Hide.me for Windows VPN service. Allows you to securely surf the web through closed information channels. Prevents user de-anonymization and location determination. Equipped with an automated traffic distribution system that allows you to maintain high speed of the Internet when using it and “save” traffic in the absence of active surfing the web.

Detects and prevents the transfer of financial information to prevent the theft of financial details. A distinctive feature of the utility is the absence of any logging of user actions, including from the web resources, which makes it impossible to de-anonymize with the help of logs even if you have legal credentials and use specials. equipment.

Functional Hide.me VPN

  • It determines the most optimal “region” of the connection at each launch and initiates the creation of a private information gateway between the “client” and the “server”;
  • It creates several fictitious IP addresses within the same "server machine", thereby complicating the "pinging" of the location of the active connection, without losing speed;
  • It detects and “persects” any de-animization queries and attempts to record user actions in log files;
  • Detects and "freezes" unsafe connections to protect against hackers, notifies the user about the danger in the interface;
  • Analyzes the transmitted traffic, identifies the "financial" information and prevents its transmission to the network, which makes it impossible to steal financial details.

VPN Features

  • High degree of anonymity;
  • Powerful cryptographic traffic encryption algorithms;
  • Several fictitious IP addresses emulated on the same server side (complicates identification with an active connection without noticeable loss of speed);
  • The absence of logs on the "client" and "server" side, as well as the prevention of the logging of user actions by the web resources;
  • Intellectual system for determining the optimal region and redistribution of traffic between users;
  • Integrated protection against hackers and network viruses;
  • The function of automatic identification of financial details, preventing the possibility of their theft.


  • With the active connection, “pinging” (identification of “iron”) is technically possible — the probability of its success is determined by the duration of the active compound;
  • Protection from “hackers” is not always effective;
  • The functionality of some web resources can be "reduced" when connecting via VPN for security purposes.

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