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Tunnelbear is the “client” version of VPN for Windows. Provides for hiding the real IP address and location, thereby allowing you to “access” web sites blocked by providers and sites that restrict “access for your region”. It supports the ability to connect through the servers of the 21st country, including with the redirection of traffic from one server to another.

Equipped with an integrated analyzer of the vulnerability of the connection, "dropping" the transmission / reception of traffic, when it detects danger to the user. It does not record actions and does not “keep” any logs, which makes it impossible to analyze traffic / de-anonymization in a “physical” way, including with the help of special tools. Encrypts traffic using AES-256 and “more complex” cryptographic algorithms.

Tunnelbear functionality

  • Creates between the "client" and "server" part of the closed information gateway, "continue" his "chain" through the number of servers specified by the user in the country chosen by him;
  • Replaces the real IP address with a dummy, corresponding to the servers of the country that the user specified when initiating the connection;
  • Encrypts "outgoing" traffic using the selected cryptographic algorithm (by default - AES-256), decrypts and interprets the "incoming" data packets;
  • Analyzes the Internet connection automatically and "resets" traffic reception / transmission, when vulnerabilities are detected;
  • Blocks and “cuts off” de-anonymization requests, to prevent the identification of the user, his browser, OS or PC;
  • Recreates the “chain” of servers, with “excessive decrease” of the Internet connection speed.

VPN Features

  • Creating a closed "multi-link" communication channel "in one click";
  • Ability to connect through a chain of servers in several countries;
  • Powerful traffic encryption algorithms (from AES-256 and "above");
  • The absence of any logs;
  • Availability of automatic “reset” of the connection upon detection of attacks and / or vulnerabilities on any link in the “chain” of servers;
  • Intellectual and flexibly customizable system for detecting and blocking de-anonymization requests (up to the termination of data transmission when trying to determine the time set on the user's system);
  • “Independent” reconnection with “noticeable” drop in connection speed.


  • Creating a “multi-link” connection circuit reduces the connection speed in direct proportion to the number of its “links”;
  • Automated systems for detecting and blocking attacks / vulnerabilities / de-anonymization queries do not always correctly “respond to the situation”;
  • Some of the functions of web resources may become unavailable with an active connection via VPN.

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