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HandBrake is a video converter for Windows, migrated to this platform from MacOS. Distributed under the GPL license, so anyone can use the program for free.

HandBrake Features

Unlike shareware video converters, which leave watermark on video or convert clips with a duration of no more than 30 seconds, HandBrake will never offer the user to upgrade to the paid version. Donat to developers is voluntary, and without this step you can do without exploiting the program for several years.

Despite the simple interface, the program works with the most popular video formats - MPEG, FLV, AVI and OGV. You can use rare codecs - for example, X.264, implemented by YouTube video hosting.

Main features of the program

  • Convert video between popular formats without loss of quality;
  • Full-fledged work with multi-core processors (parallel coding);
  • Ability to compress video with loss of quality with a smaller file size (for example, to download video to the Internet with a slow connection);
  • Separate settings for web-optimized videos;
  • Support 32-bit and 64-bit OS;
  • High speed thread processing.

Undocumented opportunity

Video bloggers, leading channels on Viuly hosting, which is gaining popularity, are faced with the fact that MP4 format videos created by Sony Vegas are not added to the site due to codec mismatches. The problem is solved simply: it is enough to render a movie in AVI format and transcode it to MP4 using HandBrake (if the download speed allows, then without loss of quality).

The only "flaw" of the program is that it has an English-language interface. However, this is not an obstacle for an experienced user: the HandBrake interface is intuitive, so it’s enough just to convert the video once to remember the sequence of actions.

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