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Foto2avi is a free utility for converting (converting) files of graphics formats in the video and then editing them. The program doesn't impose specific requirements for your iron, it works in the line of Windows, starting with NT. You can download Foto2Avi for free from our website.

Foto2Avi allows you to create a video based on multiple image files (drawings, diagrams, drawings, photographs or slides of the presentation) Input data can be of any graphics formats. In the end, the user may get the following file formats: *.Avi , *.Mkv, *.Mp4 *. Mpeg and *.Flv. The utility provides basic functionality of videofiles editor: provides tools for bonding, cropping files, changing the format, burning to dvd. Beginning with the third version, Foto2Avi supports HD and Blue Ray. However, to create a video of similar quality, the appropriate source material, such as files and photos up to 4 megapixels resolution, is required.

The utility allows you to create special effects: add subtitles, logos, animation, flickering and dimming of inscriptions. The list of Foto2Avi possibilities is quite extensive. The utility allows you to convert boring photopresentations into true masterpieces - all depends on author's creativity and video editing skills. Audio feedback can be recorded individually by adding to the resulting video. It should be noted that special sound effects (echo, muffled sound) can be created. Processing of video and audio tracks can be done within the accuracy of the millisecond. Foto2Avi free can be downloaded right now from our website.

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