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XMedia Recode is a great utility, the main purpose of which is the conversion of almost any video formats to video format, which would be suitable for playback on mobile phone. However, the program adapts the video not only for mobile phones, but also for all kinds of players, portable media consoles. Today, almost all portable media players can play not just one or two formats. This leads to their popularity, as, you see, be on your way in the bus and watch a movie is very nice and modern. You can download XMedia Recode free from our website, and it is described below how to start working with the utility.

The developers note that in order to be able to watch media file of a certain format on your mobile device, special program-converter is often required and even a few of them in case, if the current converter is unable to adapt a particular media file for your phone. If you have installed XMedia Recode software on your home PC, then in most cases it will be enough: before sending a movie to the phone, you'll simply need to adapt the video file format for the particular phone model, ie, to make the conversion of the format to another one, perceived by telephone. If you have movies which you'd like to watch somewhere on the way, you can download XMedia Recode free and install it on your PC, and then your favorite movies can easily transfered to your phone.

The program interface is not confusing, on the contrary, it is simple enough to learn and understand it, even at first glance. After starting it, you must add a video to XMedia Recode one of two ways - either with the mouse or by using the buttons. The program will display information about the file and then you can choose the output format and adjust some settings, and then start the conversion process. Conversion usually takes very little time.

Among multilingual localizations of the interface there's the English version - a definite plus of the utility.

If you have something to transfer to your phone or mp3-player with video playback function, or to the tablet, it will be just right to download XMedia Recode free from our website and use it to transfer all your movies to the desired mobile phone.

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It was the first time today I faced a situation in which my video is not played on my phone. This utility definitely pulled the game out of the fire. This is indispensable thing for those who've been encountered such a problem.

2016-01-15 05:02

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