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QuickTime is a free program from Apple, which was developed in 1991. It's functions include playing video, audio, text, animation, panoramic images, virtual reality movies, etc. You can download the current version of QuickTime from our website.

QuickTime can be used by other programs for performing of their own multimedia tasks – for example, iTunes, iMovie from Apple, the software from third-party manufacturers: Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas, etc. This program requires codecs for working with DVD- files and disks, for example, MPEG- 4 files. In addition, Apple player can be used for watching streaming video from the Internet, carrying livestream of audio and video to the Internet.

QuickTime Pro is an enhanced version of the player, which you can use for creating and edit audio and video, converting files into different formats, for example, into H.264.

QuickTime Player characteristics:

  • Fully supports H.264 video compression.
  • It is 3GPP, MPEG- 4, Blu-ray standard.
  • H.264 format is capable of providing a large compression of source files while preserving the quality of Video and sound.
  • The ability to play in full screen mode.
  • Comfortable and functional tools for audio and video settings, such as volume and balance of sound.
  • Contrast and brightness of the image.
  • Changing the playback speed.
  • 24-channel sound.
  • Supports the most popular audio formats: MOV, WAV, MP4, etc.

Download free QuickTime Player from our website.

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