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RealPlayer is a free media player with a large list of features created by a company called RealNetworks. It is a freeware which does not require activation. The player is used for playback of audio, video (both streaming and online), as well as radio, TV and other multimedia files.

Apart from this, while using RealPlayer,it is possible:

  • Playing DVD, Quicktime, Flash video and other forms of video.
  • It supports almost all known formats of playable audio file
  • The program is integrated with Youtube service and alike ones: it is possible to download clips from the website to your computer.
  • For viewing on Smartphones and mobile phones, you can convert the downloaded video into the formats that are understandable for these devices using the built-in converter.
  • This program is linked to social networks - Twitter and Facebook: you can post links to video or audio
  • Working with RealNetwork Internet – portal gives you the possibility to follow the news, which are broadcast on the net.
  • Possible to write information to CD and DVD discs
  • RealPlayer has its own mini - browser. It offers listening to music and watching videos from different internet - pages right in the player.
  • The sound quality can be adjusted using the equalizer, which has 10 bands
  • Creating playlists in different formats, which allows you to organize music
  • View image files: supported image formats: Jpg,. Bmp,. Png
  • Videos can be compressed by H.264 codec.

Please note that after downloading the program you should be registered on the official website. It is totally free and will not take your time. The application works on Windows and various versions and has an English GUI. The advantages of the player include a variety supported files and formats and ease of use.

You can download RealPlayer absolutely free and try all the features offered by developers.

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