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Image Tools is a lightweight program which has a variety of capabilities, which will be useful to all users who are faced with the need to quickly edit images. Despite its light weight and that fact that it doesn't require much from the operating systems, the application has the advantage ofvaried functionality.

Moreover, you can download it for free, without registration on the website. Its main features include:

  • Batch processing of images
  • Renaming all files at once in one and the same directory
  • Convert images to different formats, for example, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG
  • Histograms for each image file, presented in color
  • You can crop the image and resize it
  • Editing basic characteristics: brightness, contrast
  • You can rotate a photo or image, and also reflect it vertically or horizontally
  • Watermarksare available

The program has a good performance due to the fact that it can work in multithread mode. The application memory is designed so that you can simultaneously process an unlimited number of images without loss in performance. Any time, you can open a photo in the program using the appropriate menu item in Windows explorer. Image Tools is an excellent analogue to such editors as Photoshop – it copes with its basic functions.

If you need to do some operations with photos, but you don't want to launch a weighty program - Image Tools will help you! Download it for free from our website and experience its functionality first-hand.

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