XnConvert 1.76

Utility for batch processing and image conversion
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XnConvert is the name of the freeware package for working with graphics. XnConvert is an example of cross-platform software. Download free XnConvert using link to this website. The application performs batch processing of image files and has a rich feature set. There is support for many image formats - more than 500.

Among them are OpenEXR, Camera RAW, WebP and other. With the help of software tools, the package makes it easy to work with graphics, including carrying out correction of images, adding watermarks, text, changing the brightness and contrast. This and much more will be at your disposal, you just need to download XnConvert for free from our website.

List of package features:

  • Files and folders can be added in a package;
  • you can work with files using «drag-n-drop»;
  • many functions support batch implementation;
  • photos can be complemented by masks;
  • processing may be accompanied by retention or removal of metadata;
  • supports multi-page and also animated files;
  • commands can be exported to NConvert;
  • set of different filters, including sharpening and Gauss blurring;
  • many additional effects, such as "Mosaic" or "Old Camera";
  • supports additional localization in many languages, including Spanish, Swedish, even Chinese;
  • other possibilities.

In order to start disposing of all these impressive list, you can start downloading XnConvert from our website right now.

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