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Multilanguage reader with support for multiple formats
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			ICE Book Reader Pro

ICE Book Reader Pro is a powerful multilingual reader. The program can open txt files, documents created in Word, html files, books in PDB and PRC (PALM) formats, in addition, this is the first shell that can be an alternative to Microsoft’s utilities for working with .lit, .ePub and. chm.

ICE Book Reader Features

The main purpose of the program is to make reading as comfortable as possible. Using the ICE Book Reader, the user can choose the text and background colors as comfortable as possible for the eyes, turn on book mode with animated page turning simulations or scrolling. The program has a mode that allows you to read books from a distance of several meters from the screen, which can be very convenient if the user is tired of sitting at the monitor, but wants to continue reading. This mode, combined with slow scrolling, makes it possible to use the ICE Book Reader as a prompter. The program has a Russian-language interface, and if you install a Russian-language voice module, the ICE Book Reader can read aloud!

In addition, the program can be used as a converter from one supported format to another. It can also serve as a shell for a book database - up to 250 thousand files can be stored in the memory of the ICE Book Reader. For each book, the user can choose the category, change the name and description. To make the work of ICE Book Reader fast and reliable, developers have provided the program with a powerful kernel. Each book is stored in a separate file, thanks to this, even in case of damage to the hard disk and loss of information, the rest of the database can be easily restored.

This program is freely distributed only in the CIS countries, only trial version is available to residents of other countries.

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