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Scribus is a free program that allows you to create a layout of books of publishers, as well as layouts. This application supports the same functions as professional systems: support for a large number of image formats (Adobe Photoshop, TIFF and JPEG), color adjustment, as well as CMYK format, support for vector formats, support for fonts like Type 1, OpenType and TrueType. Scribus has a standard interface.

Scribus Features

After starting the application, the user is prompted to load the parameters for creating a new project.

A large number of settings is provided:

  • layout type;
  • size of the layout, sheet;
  • document orientation;
  • field guides;
  • units;
  • other necessary parameters.

If you still do not have much experience in creating such projects, the program itself will offer you pre-built layouts for beginners. You can select both booklets and book templates. First, you can use one template, and already in the process of work, change its appearance to your taste.

The work area, the toolbar and the context menu can be found after selecting the options. The context menu contains the Help tab, which will prompt the newcomer to the basics of working with the program. With the interface itself, no problems should arise; although the program is free, it is designed to work in a professional environment. All icons are made with high quality, their location is ergonomic.

Scribus supports a large number of fonts that text editors use. The application recognizes many image formats and allows you to insert them into your project in any quality and resolution.

Scribus Benefits

  1. The program is free, with no restrictions on functionality;
  2. Scribus is beautifully translated into Russian;
  3. Cross-platform: you can work with projects on Windows, macOS and Linux
  4. Clear interface and wide functionality;
  5. Does not overload system resources, takes up little space on the hard disk;
  6. The project is constantly evolving due to the wide community.

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