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			Okdo PDF Splitter Free

Utility called Okdo PDF Splitter Free is used for fast and simple splitting of PDF files into separate component parts. The obvious advantage of the program is the broadest list of division possibilities. With its help files can be split by:

  • individual pages;
  • multiple pages;
  • parts of the pages;
  • even or odd pages.

Another strong plus of Okdo PDF Splitter Free is full independence. This means that you can just download a free Okdo PDF Splitter Free and start to use it. does Any special programs designed to handle PDF, for example, Adobe Reader or his closest "relatives", are not required in addition to the utility.

Useful features of the application:

  • processing password-protected files;
  • create separate folders in the directory for the output of each PDF source;
  • absolutely simple and intuitive interface, even for beginners.

Work with Okdo PDF Splitter Free is extremely easy! Users need a few simple steps: select the file that will be subject to partition, specify a particular partition type and the path to the folder to store the processed parts of the file.

However, the program has some drawbacks. In particular, it supports only small size files that have no more than a hundred pages. Therefore, its use for the books is not always possible.

Here you can download Okdo PDF Splitter Free right now and without any restrictions.

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