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This PrimoPDF software is intended for the implementation of converting different files into PDF format.
While being installed the application creates and adds virtual printer to the operating system.
Nearly any document that can be printed after going through this virtual printer is changed into PDF format.

As a result of this ideology, user can receive a PDF file from all but any application that him to print documents.
In other words, the program PrimoPDF provides the ability to generate PDF files from such file types as Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel , and of course Microsoft Word.
Due to the huge number of settings the program allows you to create files in PDF which are optimized for both viewing on the display and printing.

It is worth noting that the application has the ability to encrypt files or put a password if necessary .
There is function of printing blocking and content copying through the use of the communication buffer.
This software allows users to perform insert PDF file in a number of additional data such as key phrases, the author's name, title, etc.
When you print a document you can change settings such as size of the sheet for printing or screen resolution. Among other things, 40 and 128 bit PDF file encryption is supported. The application also supports 64 bit systems of Windows family.
This application is simple enough to use that actually be used by unexperienced users .

You can download PrimoPDF for free on our site right now.

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