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			Advanced Disk Cleaner

Advanced Disk Cleaner is another example of a freeware in the vast network, specializing in "putting in order" the operating system installed on PC. The program has advanced search algorithms, which functionality made the developers struggle. These algorithms will spend some seconds to qualitatively analyze hard disks and clean up their junk, unnecessary files which not only take up too much space (and often considerable), but also hinder the work of Windows. To speed up your PC just download Advanced Disk Cleaner free from our website and install it on your PC.

You don't have to call a dedicated expert to clean your operating system from unnecessary junk files. We have this software, successfully solving such problems, this is Advanced Disk Cleaner. In addition, even an inexperienced user can use the program, for which it is enough to start the process of a quick scan by pressing a single button. One click, and in short time, computer cleanup of high quality will be over. If you need to clean your PC from file trash, you can download Advanced Disk Cleaner free, install it and pressing a single button.

If you are well versed in the intricacies of optimizing programs performance, Advanced Disk Cleaner will reveal to you all the possibilities. There is always a chance that default check can overlook sonething that is specific to your PC with an individual set of used programs, personal history of their use. During the process of fine-tuning, you can notify the program that files with certain extensions still need to be left. Such may happen that you should first specify some types of files for the program to be deleted.

Besides speeding, the program provides the option of using a "deep scan" in "Deep Cleaner" mode. "Deep" mode allows you to select the desired drive to work.
Among the shortcomings of the program is one weighty omission - the lack of a English version of the user interface, which, however, is unlikely to cause a lot of inconvenience to those who know some popular English words.

If you are not satisfied with the speed of your operating system, and you suspect that it may be due unneeded junk files as a result of long-term "life" without reinstalling the operating system, we recommend download Advanced Disk Cleaner free from our site for cleaning right now.

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Advanced Disk Cleaner for Windows PC

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0 Adolf
This PC cleaner can free PC from junk objects, folder and icons. That you do not use. But all this increases speed of operating system.

2016-03-30 18:16

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0 George
I have this program, it works fast, cleaning up all junk, but I am not sure that it really speeds up my computer.

2015-02-02 16:04

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