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Eraser is a program designed to make room on your hard drive by overwriting it. Eraser ensures safety of your PC, allowing you to remove the contents of the disc entirely. All files deleted by this application can not be restored. The program works on all versions of Windows OS and integrates into the context menu which adds convenience while working. You can download Eraser free from any websites on the internet, the application doesn't require payment. When using random data matrices, the selected partition of the hard disk is erased or overwritten. The program works with any drive and in any file systems.

Eraser Key features:

  • Cleaning your entire hard drive or individual segments, selected by the user;
  • The ability to work with DE, SCSI, RAID;
  • Integration with Windows, facilitating operation;
  • Methods for removing the contents are implemented by means of the templates;
  • The interface is clear and simple.

The Eraser program is ideal for fast and efficient wiping of the hard drive. Note that deleted data cannot be restored because complex patterns are overwritten on its place, over which you cannot write new data or restore the old one. The application has a version for portable drives. Eraser has the advantage of comparative lightness, which will not overload your PC and will not take a lot of RAM. For those who don't understand the principle of action, there's help file which explaines in detail how to work in the program.

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Eraser for Windows PC

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