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			Rivatuner Statistics Server

Rivatuner Statistics Server is part of the MSI Afterburner distribution for Windows. It is a “symbiosis” of the interpreter of the statistical information transmitted from the hardware and the graphical visualizer of the received data. Allows you to visualize more detailed information about the state of "iron" and produce a more subtle setting of its technical parameters than the standard MSI Afterburner interface.

It has the function of displaying data in the overlay and / or game interface (full screen application). It can "rename" the performance of each sensor in accordance with the user-specified "names". Equipped with tools for video capture, creating screenshots and logging statistics read from hardware. Supports synchronization with LCD-displays Logitech keyboards.

Rivatuner Statistics Server Functionality

  • It is synchronized with the installed MSI Afterburner distribution and “picks up” from it the indicators of the iron sensors (CPU, RAM, Video Cards, HDD, SDD, fans, PSU, etc.);
  • Analyzes the received information, visualizes it in the specified way in the interface / overlay / full-screen application (game) / keyboard display;
  • Alerts the user / responds with "iron" when reaching "critical" indicators;
  • Changes the name of “sensor readings” according to the user-specified “name”;
  • Interprets the changes made to the “iron” attributes, and corrects its “behavior” (increases / decreases the rotation speed of the cooler, raises / lowers the clock frequency of the CPU and GPU cores, sets the “working” amperage and “voltage” BP, etc.);
  • Writes statistical information to the log file, re-creates the log file when it exceeds the size of the specified number of kilobytes;
  • Captures screenshots / streaming video and “imposes” on it the statistically specified data on the state of hardware with reference to time.

Utility features

  • Detailed and detailed information on the performance of each sensor;
  • Several ways to visualize statistical data;
  • Flexible, optionally customizable graphical interface;
  • The ability to change the physical parameters of the "iron" directly from the interface;
  • Customizable “reaction” when reaching “critical” indicators;
  • The ability to record the collected information in the log file and its automatic re-creation when the specified "digital" size is exceeded.


  • Does not work separately from MSI Afterburner;
  • Changing the "physical" parameters of the work can "kill" "iron";
  • Data on the indicators of the sensors are received and visualized with a slight delay (not more than a second);
  • Requires the "allocation" of significant resources of RAM at startup.

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