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			GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience is a utility for simplifying graphics settings for games by automatically changing them. After optimizing the settings, the program tries to get the best picture on the screen, taking into account the current configuration of the PC hardware.

The utility tries to customize the game in such a way as to achieve the most comfortable frame rate. The optimization process is based on the available statistics that NVIDIA creates on its supercomputers. Developers emulate various PC configurations:

  • video adapter of various capacities;
  • CPU with various computational capabilities;
  • different display resolution.

Thus, the software produces a detailed analysis of the configuration of the computer. For weak computers, the GeForce Experience will set medium and below average graphics settings to achieve an acceptable frame rate.

Additional GeForce Experience Features

  1. An important function that automates the servicing of a video card is the search and installation of current driver versions for video accelerators.
  2. GeForce Experience users using the ShadowPlay feature have the ability to record game video to share it with other users. ShadowPlay allows you to conduct live broadcasts through the service Twitch. Record uses a resource of GPU-acceleration.
  3. The program allows you to extend the functionality of NVIDIA SHIELD handheld consoles by transferring the game process from a PC to a mobile gaming device. After installation, the software automatically searches for all games on the computer, so that when the gaming application is launched next time, it will suggest optimal graphic settings.
  4. The program component Led Visualizer allows you to control the backlight on the video card. This function is relevant for those users who have at their disposal a case with transparent covers and the corresponding model of a video card with a light indicator.

GeForce Experience is a practical addition for NVIDIA video card owners, which helps save time on choosing the right settings and updating drivers.

Among the minuses of the program, it is worth noting the presence of an unnecessary function of controlling the video card's backlight.

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