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RivaTuner is a popular and easy to use program which improves work of Nvidia cards and ATI, and their overlocking. Ease of use is attractive to users who are not familiar with advanced computer design, but the "veterans" can also discover something new in the parameters and settings.

Everyone can download RivaTuner free and use the program, but before setting, the developers recommend that you first explore all of its features in more detail. Direct3D setting can improve the image and performance without much risk, the program will change everything you need if you are not familiar with all the options you can rely on contextual help outputted in one click. RivaTuner supports all cards from older NVIDIA Riva TNT and the latest GeForce.

In addition to supporting hardware-controlled NVIDIA, the program also supports video cards based on modern ATI GPUs. If your graphics card allows, you can change the settings of cooling card, paying attention to the operating mode (2D or 3D).The program also has extensive customization options of Direct3D/OpenGL driver level, profile system allows users to customize each program application separately.

You can download RivaTuner for free using link bellow on the page.

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