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			Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a sub-genre slasher role-playing game for Android that tells of the dark times of humanity and endless battles with armies of monsters. Take on the role of the legendary hero and build your own Stronghold. Win the strongest players from around the world and get unique prizes. Participate in weekly events that provide rare artifacts that can reverse the outcome of the battle. Find out the real reason for the invasion of the dark forces at the end of the campaign, consisting of more than 90 tasks.

Features Dungeon Hunter 5

  • several game classes that have unique skills suitable for different types of players;
  • spontaneous equipment customization system, which allows you to prepare in advance for a collision with certain enemies;
  • the presence of a social component in the form of ratings and guilds;
  • customizable controls with support for wireless gamepads and keyboards;
  • unique art style with the ability to customize the level of detail of the game world.

The advantages of the game

  • detailed system of modification of the found equipment and guards of the Stronghold;
  • several game modes designed for single and team passing tests (PvP and PvE);
  • high-quality visualization of all game aspects (glow of weapons, flashes during the application of skills or the destruction of monsters);
  • a unique pattern of behavior of each boss and ordinary enemy.


  • regular problems connecting to game servers;
  • availability of advertising content and premium content;
  • a small chance of getting stuck on gaming locations.

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Friday, 22 May 2020
Android 4.0 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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Dungeon Hunter 5 for Android

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