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Terraria is a symbiosis of a survival and construction simulator for Android devices with RPG setting elements and two-dimensional side view graphics. Supports the ability to play both in single player mode and in multiplayer (up to 4 players per world). Players will have to survive in huge randomly-generated worlds, ranging from the usual fields or forests and ending with amazing flying islands or ominous Underworld.

Explore unique worlds, each of which is not like the others, extract resources, study construction, production and magic technologies, create tools of labor, war and witchcraft, develop your character, fight wild animals, monsters or other players, and do everything to ensure the survival of your character in the vast open worlds of the Terraria Universe.

Terraria Gameplay

  • Choose the type of generation of the game world and create your own Universe;
  • Explore the neighborhood - find everything you need for building a home, crafting primitive tools of labor and creating the simplest weapons;
  • Build your own shelter, equip it with everything needed for cooking, making weapons, armor, clothing, tools, and research;
  • Defeat wild animals and deadly monsters, get experience points and spend them on researching new technologies or leveling your character;
  • Erect more complex buildings, craft more sophisticated labor tools, weapons and equipment, create unique magic spells and brew potions to increase your chances of survival;
  • Cooperate with other players and either survive side by side - or fight to the death.

Toy features

  • Several variations of the generation of the game universe;
  • More than ten randomly generated biomes, each of which has a unique landscape, flora, fauna and resources;
  • Several dozen pets and bosses;
  • More than one hundred varieties of resources;
  • Several hundred unique enemies;
  • More than a thousand recipes for crafting tools, weapons, equipment and potions;
  • The presence of magic;
  • Two-dimensional cartoon graphics, not loading iron;
  • Pleasant sound;
  • Realistic systems for simulating natural needs and weather conditions, changing day and night, fluid flow and light material physics.


  • Integrated advertising;
  • Part of in-game content is paid.

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